Effulgere® Postoperative cream is specially formulated for
patients that are recovering from facial cosmetic surgery. It is a
light facial cream to gently cleanse, refresh and soothe in the first
days and weeks following facial surgery.  This post-operative
cream has been specially formulated for smooth application to
sensitive post-operative skin.

We have found that following surgery, patients commonly feel a
desire to refresh and soothe their skin.  Ice compresses,
ointments on incision lines and dressings can take their toll on
delicate skin.  With swelling and bruising, we find that patients
want to pamper their skin.  That is why we developed
Effulgere® Postoperative
Effulgere® Postoperative cream to gently clean the skin while at the same time
moisturizing and refreshing it.

Applied daily in the morning and evening, it can help patients to achieve desired results
more quickly and to retain those results for years to come.  Effulgere® Postoperative
cream is designed to gently deliver needed vitamins, zinc, an array of antioxidants,
phenylalanine (an important amino acid), and moisturizing agents to the skin.

The use of Effulgere® Postoperative is normally the first step in a  comprehensive
postsurgical skin care program.  After the initial swelling and bruising associated with
facial surgery has subsided, patients can transition at their doctor’s direction, into a full
skin rejuvenation program utilizing the Effulgere® family of rejuvenation creams and
 Most patients follow up by using a regiment of Effulgere® and Effulgere® PM on
a daily basis.

Patients should avoid applying Effulgere® Postoperative cream directly on incisions or
over areas that have been peeled, lasered or abraded.  Obviously, at the first sign of any
irritation or adverse effect, one would stop the cream and contact their doctor.  However,
we find this Effulgere® postoperative cream is well tolerated by most patients.  Ask your
doctor if Effulgere® Postoperative skin rejuvenation cream is right for you following your
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