Effulgere® skin cream is our flagship product which is used to
moisturize and beautify skin that has been damaged by exposure
to the elements, sunlight or which has simply been affected by
intrinsic aging.  It can also be used to help maintain beautiful skin
tone and texture over the years.  

Effulgere® skin cream is formulated for delivery of beneficial
ingredients to the skin.  The key to the effective action of
Effulgere® is based upon delivery of beneficial agents include
Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, phenylalanine (an important amino
acid), and an array of antioxidants, including carnosic acid,
carnosol, rosmanol, and rosmaridiphenol to the skin.
Effulgere® skin cream is formulated primarily for facial skin.  However, it may also be
applied to skin on other areas of the human body as needed to attain a high level of
moisturization.  For instance, it is typically applied to the neck and décolleté; in addition
to the face.  Effulgere® skin rejuvenation cream may be applied to the skin once or
twice a day.  It is frequently used in conjunction with Effulgere® PM in which case it is
applied in the morning with Effulgere® PM being applied in the evening.
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