Effulgere® PM skin rejuvenation cream is
normally used in conjunction with Effulgere® and
may be applied to the skin once or twice a day.  
Applying Effulgere® in the morning and
Effulgere® PM in the evening can be an effective
program to maintain and promote healthy,
attractive skin.  Effulgere® skin creams are
formulated primarily for facial skin.  However, they
may also be applied to skin on other areas of the
human body as needed to attain a high level of
moisturization and refreshening.  For instance,
Effulgere® PM is typically applied to the neck and
décolleté in addition to the face when used in
conjunction with Effulgere®.  Effulgere® PM is
primarily formulated to deliver beneficial agents to
the skin while the patient sleeps.  However, it can
be used in the morning and again in the evening if
E   Effulgere® PM
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