Kathy H.–
"I have been using the Effulgere for almost a year, and it has made an
incredible improvement in my skin.  I continually receive compliments
on how beautiful my skin looks and I always tell people that it's
Effulgere!  And because I love all things mediterranean, the rosemary
scent is an added bonus.  Thank you for such a wonderful product!
I will remain a faithful customer."

Pearl W. –
“I really like the cream. Every product I try breaks out my skin and
when using Effulgere, my skin is clear. “

Josie B. –
“I Love the cream.  After my skin peeled for a few days, my new layer
of skin felt fresh and I had a ‘pregnancy glow’ appearance.”

Karen M. –
“I like the consistency.  It is moisturizing.  I was able to apply makeup
smoothly after applying cream. “

Christie D.–
“I Love the cream much more than the Vitamin C!  My skin appears
clear and feels smooth.  Skin flaked a bit for the first few days and was
easily clear within a few days.”
Herb S. –
“I have used the cream religiously.  It has a smooth effect on my skin.”

Donna P.
"I have used Effulgere skin creams for many years, and compared to
all the others I have tried it is by far the best moisturizer. . .  If you
want your ruff and dry skin to be nice and smooth then Effulgere’s
ultra is the cream for you. I use it on my elbows and heels, because it
helps protect and nourish these areas. These creams help my
makeup go on much easier, so now I don’t have to use as much
makeup.  I like the pretty container that the cream comes in, and it
looks very nice in my bathroom. If you are serious about your skin
and want to look your very best start using it today."

Shannon F. –
“My skin feels exceptionally smoother in appearance and texture.”

Gloria H. –
“My skin feels very soft and moisturized.  I am used to the Avage
peeling my skin away, but my skin does not peel when using
Effulgere. It just feels soft.”

Jeff K. –
“I have been using for a few weeks and I have noticed that my skin is
constantly soft.  It feels moisturized too.”

Ardath S.
" I have used Effulgere Ultra for more than two years.  It is the best
moisturizer I have ever used.  I am very pleased with the results."  
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Patient Response to Effulgere® Skin Cream
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