VerVeris® Skin Cream
VerVeris® skin cream is formulated to protect and enhance the texture and tone of facial skin.  It
contains carnosic acid which is a powerful antioxidant to attain exceptional results.  The carnosic
acid included  in VerVeris
® is extracted from rosemary by a special super critical carbon dioxide
extraction process.  Long ago Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte appreciated the beneficial
attributes that rosemary had on their skin and used it constantly.  Now we understand the scientific
basis of how Josephine attained and maintained her magnificent level of beauty and have captured
it in an even more affective manner via our super critical extraction process which recovers and
concentrates carnosic acid (the key to Josephine's success) in VerVeris
® skin creams.
Beauty and youth have been celebrated throughout history, from the
mythological majesty of the Greek gods epitomized by the most handsome of
those Apollo to Michelangelo’s masterpiece sculpture of King David (1504), to
the literature and films of today.  The young have been portrayed as holding
most of the coveted attributes of society.  Whether we like it or not, looks

In today's society as medical and cosmetic advances have become more
accessible our best attainable appearance both in business and social settings
has become even more desirable, if not necessary.  It has been shown in
several recent university studies that those possessing a more youthful
appearance earn more money and are thought to have more positive traits
than those who appear older or less attractive.
In the world today it is important for both men and women to maintain their
appearance.  When Theodore Roosevelt died in 1919 at age sixty his son
Archie telegraphed TR's other sons who were fighting overseas in World War I,
"The old lion is dead."  It seems difficult today to think of a man of just sixty as
"old".  Now men and women well into middle age and beyond can achieve and
maintain a youthful appearance and we can help make it happen for you.
Infused into the ingredients of VerVeris® is the legendary scent of
the rosemary based fragrance preferred by Napoleon Bonaparte.  In
actuality Napoleon was obsessed with its smell and beneficial
medicinal and cosmetic effects.  Chardin, "perfumer of Their Imperial
Royal Majesties" recorded Napoleon's use of 162 bottles of rosemary
based scent in the first three months of 1806.  Napoleon also favored
rosemary for its antiseptic properties.  In his book, "Memories of Saint
Helena", Victor Masson wrote that Napoleon was such a fan that as
he lay dying two of Chardin's perfumed pastilles (compressed herbs
burnt to release medicinal properties) were burning in his
bedchamber.  The ladies are fans of the scent as well, Empress
Josephine is said to have requested Napoleon to always wash in his
rosemary fragrance before entering her bedchamber.  VerVeris® is
formulated to closely duplicate the subtle fragrance that was
demanded by Napoleon and Josephine.
Emperor Napoleon Boneparte at the Battle of Austerlitz in 1803
Today, VerVeris® with the enhanced power of rosemary easily fits into the
lifestyle of anyone seeking younger appearing healthy skin.  Used once or
twice a day in the morning and/or in the evening before retiring will do it.   
With VerVeris® you can hold off that "old lion", as we want you to always
be one of "the young lions".
Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte depicted at the
Battle of the Austerlitz in 1805
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Over the years many factors, such as sun
exposure,stress, lack of sleep, environmental factors,
intrinsic aging, and bad habits, can take a toll on our
skin  This can lead to advanced skin aging and other
dermatologic problems.  This is why VerVeris® skin
creams are enriched with an array of powerful
antioxidants, including carnosic acid.  VerVeris® skin
creams also contain other ingredients that are
formulated to work synergistically with these antioxidants
to elevate the adverse effects that the environmental
culprits have on your skin.
The appreciation of the beneficial attributes of the rosemary plant
has been chronicled throughout history.

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