Bye Bye Fungus®
topical anti-fungal serum
Ad Lunam Labs proudly introduces
Bye Bye Fungus® anti-fungal serum
after years of research, technical
testing, product development, and
clinical trials.
This product utilizes revolutionary
new technology which allows it to
get to fungus on fingers and toes
and to quickly eradicate it.
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Bye Bye Fungus® anti-fungal serum
is so unique and so effective that a
patent covering it has been issued by
the United States Patent &
Trademark and by numerous foreign
patent offices.
[Read U.S. Patent 9,439,972 B2]
Fungus on toes can be ugly and embarrassing.  It frequently spreads
from toe to toe and can spread for one person to another. If not
eradicated the fungus typically becomes worse and worse until it
becomes completely disgusting.
Ugly and embarrassing fungus can rob us of the freedom to show our
bare foot and to wear cute sandals.  
Bye Bye Fungus - Hello Sandals
Bye Bye Fungus® anti-fungal
serum is for beautiful fingers
and toes.
Get your freedom back with
Bye Bye Fungus® anti-fungal
Bye Bye Fungus is:
     Doctor Recommended
     Fast Acting

      Easy to topically apply
Additionally, Bye Bye Fungus
has the pleasant fragrance of
peppermint oil.
Bye Bye Fungus® anti-fungal serum
comes in a 1 oz. (30 ml.) bottle with an
included brush applicator.

The active ingredient is undecylenic acid at
maximum strength (25%).

Inactive Ingredients include: isoamyl
lactate, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, and tea
tree oil.
Bye Bye Fungus is proudly
manufactured in the U.S.A.
Bye Bye Fungus is as easy to apply as nail polish.
Directions for use on Toes:
 (1) Clean and dry the affected area;
 (2) Apply in the morning and evening and more frequently if possible;
 (3) Allow a few minutes for the Bye Bye Fungus to be absorbed before wearing socks or shoes;
 (4) Keep the affected area dry; and
 (5) Continue use until the fungus is totally eradicated and the visible damage incurred on the affected
       area is no longer visible.