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Effulgere® skin rejuvenation creams and eye serums
are sold primarily  through the offices of medical
doctors, such a plastic surgeons and dermatologists.  
However, Effulgere® skin creams can also be
purchased at our Online Store.

VerVeris® skin rejuvenation creams are formulate
with high powered antioxidants to attain exceptional
results.  VerVeris® skin creams can also be
purchased at our Online Store.

Ad Lunam Labs has recently introducing an Bye Bye
Fungus® which is antifungal serum that is formulated
primarily for the treatment of fungus on fingers and
toes.  Ad Lunam Labs has patents covering this new
product in the United States and foreign countries.
Let Effulgere® Awaken the Sleeping Beauty in You

One of the secrets to beauty is healthy, attractive skin.  While we cannot
stop the aging process, there are things that we can do on a daily basis
to revitalize and rejuvenate our skin.  Attractive skin, more than any other
single factor, serves to enhance one’s overall beauty and attractiveness.
The word effulgere in Latin means "to cause to shine with abundance of
light; to radiate; to beam".  We believe this name symbolizes beautiful

Working together a leading cosmetic surgeon and a research chemist
invented the proprietary technology behind this newly developed line of
advanced skin rejuvenation creams.  These formulations are based on a
unique combination of chemical components that provides in a system
that attains remarkable results.  This new formulation also includes
technically advanced anti-oxidants for even more dramatic results.  Our
testing has shown that despite the dramatically increased potency, these
rejuvenation creams can be used daily even by those with the most
delicate and sensitive skin.
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Effulgere® and Effulgere® PM provide ingredients that act synergistically to beautify your skin.  Effulgere® and
Effulgere® PM are specially formulated with a proprietary combination of ingredients to provide protection and to
beautify skin day and night.  Powerful antioxidants protect the skin, but work to restore skin damaged by oxidative
changes induced by environmental changes and aging.

Effulgere® and Effulgere® PM can be used in combination with your current skin care program. However, we find
that many patients believe that Effulgere® and Effulgere® PM used in tandem on a daily basis is all they need for
a total skin rejuvenation program.

Some patients are able to use Effulgere® Plus or Effulgere® Ultra in place of standard Effulgere® in such
synergistic skin treatment programs.  In such cases the patient would use Effulgere® Plus or Effulgere® Ultra in
the morning and then use Effulgere® PM in the evening.
Ad Lunam Labs manufactures and markets the Effulgere® and VerVeris® lines of skin care
products, including moisturizing creams and hydrating eye serums.  These products are
made utilizing proprietary technology that is based upon on extensive research, including
clinical trials.  Effulgere® and VerVeris® skin creams and eye serums are formulated for
delivery of a unique combination of ingredients to the skin to attain exceptional results.   Ad
Lunam Labs has numerous issued patents and pending patent applications covering these
exciting lines of skin care products.
Ad Lunam Labs has recently introduced Bye Bye Fungus® anti-fungal
serum into its product line. This revolutionary new product is formulated
primarily for the treatment of fungus on fingers and toes.  It utilizes highly
effective, patented technology which was develop over the course of many
years of research